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What's a White Label BackpageLocals Website?

White label websites in general allows you to own a "copy" of a website and add your very own branding and information! Basically, everything is already built for you, billing and payment mechanisms are all in place, design and webpage layouts are all built. Our BPL (aka BackpageLocals) Whitelabel gives you all that ability PLUS an Admin Area where you can easily customize your BPL whitelabel site to suit your own desires. Don't like the blue headers or black footer bars? Add your own colors. Don't like the way the categories are layed out? Arrange them your own way. Don't want to provide adult related content? Turn them off. You have a TON of easy to use controls. In addition, the entire website and system is 99% automated and runs itself, even while you snooze. All you do, is come in, add your own logo, website name and text. Then customize whatever you want to customize and start earning money! Ya, it's THAT SIMPLE!

How Do I Benefit?

  • Potential to Make Money in Several Different Ways You can enable a Listing Fee for any category you choose, not just for adult content. Want to add a fee for posting extra images? You can do that. How about a fee for monthly automated postings? You can do that too! You can even include your own Ad Network and generate revenue on ad clicks! Remember, this website is online 24/7/365. That means you can generate revenue while you're on vaca, on the crapper, or even while you sleep... drooling from your mouth.
  • Save Time, Money and Effort If you ever wanted to build a craigslist, backpage or any other similar type of website, it takes a lot of time, money and effort. Honestly, that's true for any website you want to start up. BPL does most of that for you... but c'mon you gotta do a bit of work yourself.
  • Get Free Technical Support Yup, with your one-time license fee and minor monthly charge, you get access to FREE technical support to help with any issues your site might have. Of course, this has limits. We ain't gonna build out tons of new features for you or show you how to program, or .... well, you get the picture.

What You Get and How Much?

What You Get
  1. A complete White-labeled version of BPL (BackpageLocals). We take care of all the really technical stuff and all you have to worry about is simple customizing options, add your own content, promote the hell out of it and start making money... if that's what you're goal is ;)
  2. An easy to use Admin Area, where you customize, edit and change the layout and colors of the site. You can easily add your own branding, wording and even enable or disable listing categories and features. It's really a brainless task... which is great for you, not necessarily for us.
  3. Free limited Technical Support to help you manage your site, answer questions and give you the wise old man advice.
What's it Gonna Cost

Ok, so here's the exciting part you've been waiting for. So what's it gonna cost you? To be honest, not a whole lot. Not compared to what you can generate!

$15 Million Ya right! We'd slap ourselves silly if we tried to sell this platform for that amount, don't care how awesome this opportunity is.

Ok, so here's the real price...

  • Annual License: $500
  • Monthly Platform Hosting Fee: $50
  • One-time Setup Fee: $50
  • Initial Up Front Cost: $600 ($500 license fee, $50 1st month platform hosting, $50 set up)

OR, you can say screw the license and fees and just acquire this platform out right for a chump change of $7,900.00

Oh Snap! How Do I Get Started?

Glad you asked! It's simple. Just provide me the bloody heart of your first child in a bubble wrapped UPS package destined for Nigeria. Or, you can just fill out the form below :)

Once you submit, we'll go over and verify your information and if approved, we'll send you a payment option link where you can purchase the Annual License or Buy the complete BPL platform.

About You

This information is completely private and not shared or added to your website. We aren't dicks either, so we won't sell your info.

About Your Website

Here you simply add info about what your domain name will be. Example: "", "", etc.

*Note that your website must have "SSL". In other words, "https" and not "http".

Package Option & Payment Info

Select the awesome Annual License package or make the entire platform your own.

Package Total:   $0
*Payment options can be done via credit card, Cryptocurrency of the good 'ol trusted Paypal. You'll be provided a payment link once you're approved.
Agreement & Legal Crap

Of course, we always gotta provide the typical legal mumbo jumbo and Agreement language and checkboxes, so here they are.

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